How do I find a buyer for my business?

When you are ready to sell your business, finding a buyer can be very easy or may take some serious time. While buying a house is a common desire, owning a business is not for everyone and finding a buyer sometimes takes patience. Business brokers specialize in finding business buyers and typically have a database of established clients that may be looking for a business just like yours. It generally isn’t that easy as it can take 6 to 12 months or longer to find the right buyer for your business. Using sites such as Business For Sale Exchange and others are business for sale sites is a good way to allow active buyers to find your business for sale. In this day in age we are a society of buy-on-demand. When someone is looking for a business for sale they will typically do a search online or contact a broker and are actively looking for a business that fits their criteria.

Put your business out there on every specialty site you can imagine. Think of anyone who may have expressed interest in your business and reach out to them. Think of competitors who may like to own you or perhaps someone who is trying to get in the market that you exist. If you are in a hurry to sell or aren’t having success on your own, look for a business broker that specializes in your type of business, your size of transaction, or is local. Business brokers exist for a reason and get the job done when you can’t on your own. They can also simplify the process and take the paperwork and logistics out of your hands or give you the direction you need. If you aren’t having luck on your own and need to sell, pull the trigger and hire that broker. The business brokers commission can be high in comparison to other types of brokers but they can more than pay for it by getting the deal done and with the right buyer.

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